Robert Loeber


photo: Irene Wijnmaalen

As a former journalist Robert Loeber searches for the common ground between immediate understanding and wondering fascination. As a composer Robert likes to position himself in the borderland between kitsch and art, because he aspires to Art and is well-disposed towards Kitsch.

Nowadays, as music is so readily and easily available, the borders between genres and the borders between high and low culture dissolve. Robert likes the Buddhist principle of being 'a half step forward', which means that one should not comply to the taste of the mass audience, and on the other hand keep the connection with the listener.

Robert's objective is to compose music for all kinds of people, incorporating the musical language of today's media. In his compositions styles as diverse as jazz, classical, house, film music and chanson blend together to a new, never heard before level. Music is effective when it evokes emotions or ideas in the listener. Like a good poem, good music can be listened to over and over again, and offers new meanings every time.