Who are you? What are you doing down here? (9'10)

A man is taken on a journey. He is gradually leaving the world as we know it and is taken to a destination he could never have imagined. This film is a combination of stop-motion and 2D-animation. The title is named after the dialog taken from the film They Came from Beyond Space (1967). This fragment, spoken by actors Robert Hutton en Maurice Good, was cut from the original soundtrack, and re-used. By doing this, the meaning of the dialog changed. The lines now have a central role in a new constructed reality. The second dialog appears in Kansas City Confidential (1952), and was isolated from a scene between actors Preston Foster en Jack Elam. The storyboard of Who are you? What are you doing down here? was based on these two fragments.
For the musical concept I took my idea of 'music on music' a little further. I combined pieces of old film-music from the fifties with new composed material.