The Return of Quatermass (12'45)

My first attempt to compose 'music on music'. I used the soundtrack of the British science fiction tv-series Quatermass II (1956) by composer James Bernard, to compose new material on top. Why? The development of music technology renders live playing of music almost superflues. Why listen to live instruments, as one can listen to a perfect recording, which is also economically much cheaper. By now, most music isn't even recorded, but 'glued' together, with the use of samples and overdubs. So this is my answer for the need to legitimize live playing on acoustic instruments, with the history of the plastic arts as example.

When photography was invented, there was no need anymore for artists to paint a picture. So art moved away from representing the world, and started using 'readymade' material to create abstract unique pictures and statues with collage techniques. With this composition, I did the same. I used pre-recorded material that I collected from the dustbin of music history, and used it as an 'objet trouvé'. By composing new parts for the saxophone quartet to sound on top of the tracks, I change the meaning of the original music by James Bernard. And his music influences the meaning of the new composition. Quatermass returns in a different shape, by the interaction between live material and prerecorded material. Live music changes the recording, and has philosophical meaning again...

Performed by the Sci-fi saxophone quartet:
Barbara van der Neut - soprano sax
Pieter-Jan Vos - alto sax
Robert Loeber - tenor sax
Floor Nanninga - baritone sax

Performed live on 13 september 2009 as part of 'Uitfeest'.