The Tauberian Collective

Listening to music is listening to a sub-culture. Music has only meaning in 'the ear of the beholder', since (instrumental) music doesn't refer to the world. Without a sub-culture and it's unspoken rules, strivings and habits, music reduces to 'sound'. A composer without identification with a culture cannot compose. Take the 'high culture', or the 'popular culture', the 'jazz-culture', the 'hip-hop culture' or the 'folk-culture'; they overlap, but have certain unique ways in percieving the world. Their identity, strivings, or habits is reflected by their music. But what if one is not able anymore to feel at home in any subculture whatsoever? The solution is to invent one yourself. So the myth of the Tauberian Collective is a refreshing point of view. Somewhere in the seventh sector of the Klingon Quadrant, the Tauberian Collective performs every moon-year their rituals. This piece is based on a traditional that the Tauberians perform in a call for new wisdom, granted by their gods. And, by the way, some dance and electronic influences of Planet Earth are recognizable.

Composition and flute: Robert Loeber
Vocals: Koko Lollobrigida
Text: Carla den Hartog