Communicatio Aeterna (part2)

First composition in cooperation with composersgroup In Modo Plastico for the project 'The Nokia Offering'. We set ourselves the challenge to compose a piece on a given theme, like is the case with the Musical Offering by J.S. Bach. In 1747 Frederik The Great challenged Bach to make a composition with his 'Royal Theme'. Our royal theme is the 'Nokia Tune', which is by now the most heard tune all over the world.

The tone-series of the Nokia theme was required to be heard at all times in the composition in one or more parts. But I took also the liberty to make use at times of the real Royal Theme by Frederik the Great. The beat is in 5/4 time. The latin text is derived from the Lux Aeterna and In Paradisum of the Requiem. For our religion today is 'communication', to compensate for the lack of real faith.

Aleksandra Popovska - soprano
Evelien van den Broek - mezzo soprano
Natascha Morsink - mezzo soprano
Matthijs Koene - panflute
Dennis Thompson II - keyboardvibes
Naomi Dekker - bassclarinet

Performed live on 16 september 2008 as part of 'Uitfeest', the opening of the new cultural season in Utrecht.