Quattro Stagioni d'Amore

This piece was part of the project 'Sex in the City' at the Utrecht Conservatory in 2006. It is inspired by four stages of erotic approach.
1) The woman as a madonna in the eyes of the man, a-sexual, unreachable and virgin-like, as Maria or like Hildegard von Bingen.
2) The flirt; a café scene as a film noir, man lights sigaret of woman. Communication with erotic subtext.
3) In love. Strong erotic feelings are mutual acknowledged.
4) Motoric stage. Fysical love.

This composition was performed two times in Concerthall Vredenburg, premiered in the main hall, and secondly in the auditorium. Harmonies are partly derived from the Concerto for Organ and Strings by Albinoni.

Soprano: Pearlmira Kwesi-John
Conductor: Henk Alkema
Orchestra of the Utrecht Conservatory