Musician’s Companion

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device-2014-03-27-193722The Musician’s Companion is all a musician needs in one app. Guide your timing with the rocksteady metronome. Tune your instrument with the accurate and sensitive tuner. And while you practice, use them simultaneously!

The MC’s tuning technology has proven its value in our successful Note Recognizer app that has more than ten thousand installs already. The tuner is quick, so you can check your intonation while playing, and also has the required accuracy to tune a guitar.

While you are practicing and checking your intonation on the fly, you may need a metronome to help your timing. The Musician’s Companion offers you the best of both worlds: simultaneous tuning and timing. The rocksteady metronome keeps you in time, while you glean intonation information from the screen at the same moment. No need to switch apps anymore; the Musician’s Companion has it all, and simultaneously.

From practice experience you might know that a metronome should be able to play loudly. When you are rehearsing with your colleagues, you need a metronome that cuts through the music of more players, to be heard by every player. The four metronome sounds are tweaked for maximum performance on the small speakers of phones and tablets, and match the volume of a real Mälzel metronome. Needless to say that the metronome keeps time with digital accuracy and is easy to operate.

Perhaps you live indevice-2014-03-27-193856 a country that has its own note naming system. No problem, as you can set the naming to the do-re-mi system, the German traditional convention, and even the Indian Sargam system.

Use the Musician’s Companion in different positions. Hold it in your hand in portrait orientation, or lay your phone or tablet on your music stand in landscape mode.

Making good music is difficult. The Musician’s Companion will be your lasting, reliable and versatile friend that helps you in every situation.

• Accurate and quick tuner.
• Rocksteady metronome that can play sufficiently loud.
• Different note naming systems.
• Metronome and tuner can be used simultaneously.
• Tuning standards: A=440 and A=415 hrz.
• Dark elegant design that does not radiate light when used during stage performance.
• Designed for phone and tablet for portrait and landscape orientation.




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