Play By Ear Trainer

device-2015-03-04-235624Do you play guitar, saxophone, violin, piano, trumpet or any other instrument? Do you want to develop your ability to play what you hear in your mind right away? Then Victor Baumwolle’s Play By Ear Trainer is meant for you! Practice solfege on your own instrument. Play melodies after only listening, without any sheet music.

This is the ultimate solfege trainer for saxophone, flute, violin, guitar or piano players, or whatever other instrument you play. The app plays assignments that you repeat on your own instrument, and listens if you play the correct notes. The level of the exercises varies from very easy to extremely hard. Never was solfege training so much fun as with Victor Baumwolle’s Play By Ear Trainer.

This is the very first release version, so your reviews are appreciated, te positive as well as suggestions for improvement. If you find bugs, it would be great if you could inform us before giving this app a rating, and we will improve the app.
♬ One note, two note, three note and four note exercises
♬ 20 different algorithmic exercises, always new and challenging
♬ Elaborate Introduction manual
♬ The app listens, and recognizes the notes you play
♬ Start with playing one note diatonic exercises in C scale, work towards chromatic assignments in wide range
♬ Suitable for all kinds of instruments as saxophone, flute, violin, trumpet, guitar, piano, oboe, clarinet, etc.

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