Space Landing

Test your geographical knowledge. Test your powers of perception. Can you land your spaceship on the right target? Can you navigate to a given location, such as the Statue of Liberty in New York, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or La Madre Mountain? Prove your knowledge of geography!You are a member of an extra-terrestial intelligence. You and your spaceship are on a mission to help the humans to solve their problems everywhere on earth.

Before you enter the atmosphere, you receive your landing target from the mothership. Your target consists of a series of names, starting with a country. Every next name marks your target more specifically. As you are descending, the next name from your target list will show up on the map. Find this next location from the series, and navigate your ship towards it. At about 2000 meters, the target symbol will show up on the map.

If you do not find your next location, you will get lost. You can gain altitude again by pressing the red button of the Emergency Booster (E.B.). Be aware: there’s only fuel for ten seconds! The fuel of your steering rockets is limited too.
When you succeed, you wil be promoted. Perhaps you eventually become Admiral of the Fleet.

To play this geo game you need a live internet connection.

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