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“He who sings scares away his woes.”

Do you want to start singing? Do you have little or no singing experience? Then this app is meant for you!With the help of Victor Baumwolle’s Vocal Starter Trainer you will learn to control your voice, in order to sing the right notes of a song. The app will prepare you for singing in all kinds of styles, whether you want to sing karaoke, sing in a choir, in a popband or sing classical songs.


The app plays vocal exercises of one to three notes and listens to you when you repeat the given notes. A moving hand on the screen follows your pitches and shows the note you are singing on the keyboard. If you have trouble finding the right note, the distance between the hand and the target note shows you how far you must raise or lower your pitch.

With this immediate feedback your performance level will improve quickly, and your singing confidence will increase dramatically. You practice every register of your voice, even the regions that you normally only use incidentally.
Are you looking for vocal training on a more advanced level? Then you might consider Victor Baumwolle’s Vocal Intonation Trainer.
♬ Three different levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced
♬ Seventeen vocal exercises
♬ Exercises can be performed in practice mode or in game mode
♬ Elaborate introduction manual
♬ Start with singing a simple scale, work towards singing triads and chromatic scales
♬ Moving hand shows the pitch you sing, helping you you to find the right pitch
♬ Post your singing questions on Victor’s forum
♬ No advertisements

Required permissions for use of the microphone and Victor’s internet forum

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