Vocal Trainer (full edition)

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What would you do if I sang out of tune,device-2014-02-06-220851
Would you stand up and walk out on me?
(Joe Cocker)

Stop being afraid to sing out of tune, and face the competition! Victor Baumwolle’s Vocal Intonation Trainer will dramatically improve your vocal flexibility and pitching accuracy. Use it regularly and your singing level will benefit in all kinds of styles, whether you sing karaoke, sing in a choir, in a popband or sing classical songs. First and foremost jury’s and audiences judge singers on their pitch accuracy. To improve your intonation competence, Victor Baumwolle’s vocal trainer offers you a lot of help.

The app plays vocal exercises of one to five notes, listens to you when you repeat the given notes, and displays your score. With this immediate feedback your performance level will improve quickly, and your singing confidence will increase dramatically. You practice every register of your voice, also the regions that you normally only use incidentally.

With the app as a reliable guide, you practice in private, without anybody hearing you but the digital impersonation of the seasoned Victor Baumwolle, once the star of stages, now a patient and honest singing coach. With a little help of Victor Baumwolle you won’t sing out of tune anymore.


device-2013-11-30-135400 ♬ Four different levels, from beginner to master class
♬ Twenty different vocal exercises
♬ Warm up exercises to start your training session with
♬ Result screen provides detailed feedback and score on every exercise
♬ Elaborate introduction manual
♬ Adjustable range for different voice types
♬ Four different sounds, mastered for tablet and smart phone
♬ Adjustable sensitivity for use in different environments.
♬ No advertisements

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