Victor Baumwolle’s Vocal Intonation Trainer was released in the Google Play store on 8 december 2013 . The idea was born from the observation that many people want to sing, but these days singing has gotten more and more related to singing contests that emphasise achievement and jury scores. This as a result of influential televison shows such as ‘The voice…’ and all other singing contests with auditions and jurys. More than ever before, singing means being evaluated and being criticized.

But actually, singing and music making is not a contest. People have always sung just for pleasure and for engaging in a collective experience. It should be fun, and a jury score is less important then spontanous musical communication with other people. Our app helps aspiring singers to find their voice, prepares for music making with others, and increases self-confidence in front of an audience. To improve the coordination between hearing and singing, the app offers a new practice method, using the technological possibilities of phones and tablets. We try to create exercises that are helpful in training the voice and are musically rewarding as well.

To lighten up this serious mission, the character of Victor Baumwolle was choosen as the archetype of the vocal coach. Victor is the friendly brother of  ‘Jürgen Baumwolle’, who was a creation of the Dutch comic duo ‘Koot en Bie’ in the nineties of the last century. They invented the Baumwolle character as a persiflage on classical singer Elizabeth Schwarzkopf, who severely criticised professional singers during her masterclasses. This of course will never happen in Victor’s classes, as nobody will hear you performing your exercises, and Victor won’t comment on you.

Victor Baumwolle’s Intonation Trainer is made by Robert Loeber Development (concept and coding), The Sign of 4 Design (design) and Saskia Jansen (icons). We are based in the Netherlands and draw upon knowledge in the fields of musical theory, composition and experience in working with amateur and professional singers.